TECO Group Featured in Glass International - May 2020 Edition

The latest flat bottom furnace design from the TECO Group is a new standard in performance and design. This new standard flat bottom furnace delivers high quality glass while maintaining the low specific energy and emissions while extending furnace life. World class engineering, modeling and experience are the keys to achieving the goals of container production using flat bottom furnaces and providing glass quality for the entire life of the furnace. The goals of a manufacturing company are consistent growth and produce quality products through continuous innovation. Within the glass industry this can be measured by capital efficiency or the ratio of total tons pulled in comparison to the amount of capital expenditure in maintaining the operation of a furnace. Eliminating, reducing, integrating or simplifying non-value added processes are some of the key engineering concepts to optimising a furnace and its capital efficiency. Let’s look at different design concepts for container furnaces and discover the advantages of value engineering and simplicity by design.

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