A True Veteran of the Glass Industry

Quinn Glass

Christopher J. Hoyle, Senior Vice President – Technical Director, has been a part of the TECO family for 21 years and has served the glass industry for 41 years.

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Radiant Heating Systems In Glass Applications

Ro Man Manufacturing Inc 1

Radiant heat is employed in many sectors of the glass industry to control cooling of a material during the part of the process where direct contact of the glass is not viable. The use of radiant heat covers a large range of temperatures and often requires ...

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Is Your Weighing System Accurate?

Figure 1 Weighing apparatus components

This article is intended to provide а practical, and applications-oriented discussion of the issues involved in weigh system accuracy, and how to estimate the accuracy а particular system might achieve.

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Economic Solutions of Ownership

Figure 2 Merkle backwall

What is the right material for this application? Who should be responsible for this portion or that portion? Where should we set the limits of the scope of supply? How can we lower the installed cost? How can we reduce the delivered cost?

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Furnaces for Low Iron Solar Glass


Low iron glasses for solar PV (photovoltaic) applications are generally characterized by the following physical and chemical properties:

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Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 2

Project Exec Assist Pic W Ddb Cropped

In the last issue of Glass 5.0, “Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 1”, the merits of design-build versus design-bid-build project delivery methods were discussed; particularly as they pertain to large capital projects, typical in the glass industry, that involve budgets ...

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Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation 06

“Our plant will be the first to try a new process that reduces emissions, lowers operating costs, and extends furnace life without sacrificing glass quality!”

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Proper Cullet Handling

Proper Cullet Handling 06

The TECO Group continues to be a standard bearer in the development, construction, and implementation of highly sustainable glass plants and glass manufacturing processes.

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Introduction to Glass 5.0

E Mag Glass 5 0

Cost. Many times, cost is the driving variable in how we in the glass industry approach projects and initiatives.

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Cullet – Another Step Towards Glass Sustainability

Shutterstock 1153421716

There has been much written and said about glass being infinitely recyclable and yet, in the USA, the national container-recycling rate is less than 40%.

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