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As part of the TECO Group, Toledo Engineering Co., Inc, Tecoglas, Ltd. and KTG Systems, Inc. can offer Total Furnace Capabilities in glass furnaces of all types, with KTG Engineering, Ltd. supporting this activity as glass plant equipment manufacturers. ZEDTEC, Ltd. are the TECO Group specialists in forehearth and working end technology. EAE Tech, Inc. provides high-quality industrial automation engineering services and custom control systems. The TECO Group has been serving the world's primary glass manufacturing industry since 1927.


Project Execution Excellence

Tell us your project requirements. TECO can execute your project from concept to glass pull, starting with our world class CFD modeling capabilities. We will tailor a project to meet your specific requirements.

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World-Class Technology

Glass melting design expertise isn’t built overnight. And while we’ve been honing our craft since 1927, we realize no two projects are the same. TECO's QE3 furnace design has been developed to improve the Quality of your furnace by lowering Energy costs, lowering Emissions, and Extending the life of your furnace. TECO has the capability to engineer and design furnaces for any type of glass production you require.

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Are your carbon emissions on track to reach your Kyoto target? Contact to learn how we can help!


Promising confidentiality with integrity.

Earnestly protecting our client's proprietary designs and technology is of the utmost importance on every project.

Ready and willing to assist on all your future projects.

We recognize and minimize the risk to our clients' businesses. Our clients can be assured that TECO can be depended upon throughout the project, to completion, and will be available for future, ongoing service and process performance reviews.

It's what happens when scientific capability meets practical knowledge.

Promising confidentiality with integrity. Fostering continuous improvement in process design has led to significant glassmaking improvements. Our achievements include electric melting and boosting, waste vitrification, oxy-fuel melting, solar glass (low iron) furnace and tin bath design, electronic display glass (TFT), and advanced glass melter and batch and cullet preheating.

Open communication has fostered long term partnerships with our clients.

We endeavor to never mislead, over-promise or under-deliver on our customer requirements. Each project is approached with an open mind and with all possibilities made available. We backup our work with actions that show respect for doing it the right way, with integrity.


"We came to TECO with very demanding project requirements and the expectation that we might have to scale our project. TECO found innovative and cost-effective solutions. We are already planning to use TECO for our next turnkey project.

Dr. Joseph A. Miller Jr., CTO, Corning Incorporated

"The project management that TECO brings, because of all their years of experience, is very well organized and allows us to have a lot of confidence in getting a project done on time and in a correct manner. They are extremely easy to work with."

Al Slavich, Plant Manager, Cardinal FG

"I would say that Toledo Engineering is a professional and reliable partner and we were extremely satisfied with them."

Rick Bodette, V.P. Research and Development, AFG Industries

  • 1925
  • George


Since 1927

Over 90 years and over 1,000 furnaces!

Toledo, Ohio, better known as the "Glass City", has been home to Toledo Engineering Co., Inc. since 1927. Originally, formed as an engineering and construction company and concentrated on designing and building glass melting furnaces, TECO and its affiliated companies have expanded their capabilities to include turnkey glass plants, glass process design modeling and analysis. George Batchell (pictured here) established Toledo Engineering Co., Inc. and as President was considered one of the outstanding glass factory engineers of the world.

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