Tecoglas Appoints Ondrej Bunda as New Project Manager

Ondrej Bunda

Tecoglas, a member of The TECO Group of Companies, is pleased to announce that Ondrej Bunda has been appointed Project Manager following the retirement of Ondrej’s predecessor Garry Fisher.

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TECO Group Featured in Glass International - May 2020 Edition

Park Cam Aerial View

Mike Davies reports that the latest flat bottom furnace design from the TECO Group brings energy and emissions benefits to the container glass industry.

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Introduction to Glass 5.0

E Mag Glass 5 0

Cost. Many times, cost is the driving variable in how we in the glass industry approach projects and initiatives.

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Cullet – Another Step Towards Glass Sustainability

Shutterstock 1153421716

There has been much written and said about glass being infinitely recyclable and yet, in the USA, the national container-recycling rate is less than 40%.

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Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 1

IMG 2675

This is the moment you have been dreading for months. The owner has summoned you to his office for an update on the company’s biggest project.

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