Articles from September 2022

Economic Solutions of Ownership

Figure 2 Merkle backwall

What is the right material for this application? Who should be responsible for this portion or that portion? Where should we set the limits of the scope of supply? How can we lower the installed cost? How can we reduce the delivered cost?

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Furnaces for Low Iron Solar Glass


Low iron glasses for solar PV (photovoltaic) applications are generally characterized by the following physical and chemical properties:

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Maintaining schedule on a greenfield glass plant despite Covid-19

GI Cover October 2020

The NSG Group’s Todd Huffman* discusses the new Luckey flat glass plant and the collaboration with the TECO Group as they faced the challenges the year 2020 presented with regards to the Covid pandemic.

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NSG nearing completion of $260+M facility

Glass International Cover Oct 2020

The Toledo Business Journal writes about the completion of the NSG plant in Luckey in their October 2020 issue of their Lake Erie West Manufacturing $ Construction News.

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Flexible All-Electric Furnace Design

Electric Furnace Small

In the September/October issue of Glass Worldwide, Brian Naveken emphasises the importance of bottom electrodes in the design of all-electric melting systems.

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Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 2

Project Exec Assist Pic W Ddb Cropped

In the last issue of Glass 5.0, “Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 1”, the merits of design-build versus design-bid-build project delivery methods were discussed; particularly as they pertain to large capital projects, typical in the glass industry, that involve budgets ...

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Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation 06

“Our plant will be the first to try a new process that reduces emissions, lowers operating costs, and extends furnace life without sacrificing glass quality!”

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Proper Cullet Handling

Proper Cullet Handling 06

The TECO Group continues to be a standard bearer in the development, construction, and implementation of highly sustainable glass plants and glass manufacturing processes.

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TECO's CLEARbatch is Another Example of Total Value Engineering and Continuous Improvement

Compact Batch Plant Model

In the July/Aug issue of Glass International, Brian Naveken, of the TECO Group, describes a compact style of batch plant which delivers optimized batch and are an excellent example of how successful glass producers are rediscovering value by focusing on Total Cost of Ownership.

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Tecoglas Appoints Ondrej Bunda as New Project Manager

Ondrej Bunda

Tecoglas, a member of The TECO Group of Companies, is pleased to announce that Ondrej Bunda has been appointed Project Manager following the retirement of Ondrej’s predecessor Garry Fisher.

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