Capability Summary

TECO has the experience and Know-How to handle batch plant modernizations without affecting normal glass production. This is true regardless of the task, including complete replacement of the control system.

Modernization W Duct Work
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Services TECO has available to assist you modernizing your glass process:

  • Boosting;
  • Combustion Space Modifications;
  • Glass Containment Modifications;
  • Bubbling;
  • Port Design;
  • Burner Selections;
  • Stirrers;
  • Conditioning;
  • Design of Delivery through the Distributor and Canal.

Modernization of your glass process enhances in the following ways:


  • Chemical;
  • Electrical Heat Stabilization;
  • Muffles.


  • Increased Output;
  • Improved Quality;
  • Improved Environmental Compliance.

Product Innovation:

  • Glass Chemistry;
  • All Types of Glass Applications.

Design, Build, Modernize. Make TECO your resource for modernizing your glass process.

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