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KTG Engineering offers bubbling solutions tailored to meet individual needs. We supply a number of tube designs, from standard to custom manufactured.

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The TECO Group (KTG Engineering) offers a number of bubbling solutions tailored to meet individual needs. We supply a number of designs of tubes, from standard alloy/alumina tubes to platinum tubes manufactured to existing customer designs. Bubbling systems can:

  • Reinforce convection flows;
  • Improve bottom temperature and melting on colored-glass applications;
  • Improve glass quality;
  • Enhance pack efficiency.

Pulse Bubbling System

KTG Engineering provides an effective multi-point bubbler system adapted for use with a range of gases and glasses. The system provides fully automatic or fully manual operation with independent control to each bubbler point. In addition, there are a number of pre-defined sequences that allow the user to determine the optimum bubbling pattern quickly.

Since each bubbler can be operated in manual or automatic, total bubbler freedom of operation is obtained. Therefore, each bubbler point has the facilities to produce bubbles on an individual frequency and duration settings via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system. Each solenoid has variable time settings for duration (on time) and frequency (off time). The analog transmitter monitors the pressure spikes and has alarm limits attached to it. The air manifold provides cooling to the transmitter and solenoid at the individual bubbler positions.

Manual Bubbling System

KTG Engineering has supplied many bubbling systems to customers around the world. The principle of the system has been long established and has proven to be very successful. The Bubbler Control Panel has the following facilities: to automatically switch to an emergency gas supply if the normal supply pressure drops below approximately 2 bar or if there is a power failure. To control the holding pressure with individual flow control to each bubbler. This is used to reduce the risk of glass ingress in the bubbler tubes.To give separate control to bubbling pressure. Individual flow control to each bubbler for adjusting the frequency of bubbles.

Bubbler Tubes

High-temperature alloy sheath with ceramic twin-bore inner. Other multi-bore designs are available, including water-cooled bubblers.

Water-Cooled Bubblers

TECO water-cooled bubblers allow for long-term installation of bubbling to influence the molten glass flows in a furnace. TECO robust design makes them long lasting and reliable, and the water-cooled design permits the user to adjust the bubble release height anywhere from the top of bottom block to near the top of the glass. This gives wide operating flexibility for high-pull rates, improved color changes, etc.

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