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Capability Summary

TECO offers Project Execution Assistance and uses Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget and to your specifications. We are capable of assisting you with Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management of your project (EPCM). Our clients' have utilized us to provide all levels of Project Execution Assistance, including EPCM, EPC, or solely Engineering.

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“Our goal is flawless project execution and excellent process performance.”

- Todd Seifried, President, TECO

TECO is able to help you "fill-in-the-gaps" on your project. TECO's core competence is hot-end technology, the heart of your glass process line. We have the flexibility that allows you to determine your project needs. In addition to the hot end of glass plants (batch plant, furnace and glass conditioning), we are able to assist on the following:

Balance of Plant

  • Utilities/Facilities;
  • Emissions Controls and Environmental Compliance;
  • Site Selection and Development;
  • Buildings and Offices;
  • Environmental, Construction and Occupancy Permits.

Cold End Assistance

  • Forming;
  • Annealing;
  • Inspection;
  • Packaging.

Project Management, Interface Engineering and Installation for the Entire Plant

Collaboration to advance YOUR state-of-the-art in glass.

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