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Country: United States -

The TECO Group recently completed the installation and commissioning of a 200 ton per day oxy-fuel fired furnace along with the distributor, three forehearths and batch plant modifications for the production of high quality lighting products. This furnace replaced a 165 ton per day electric melter, which was designed and built by TECO in the mid 1970s. The reason for the change was the increase in capacity requirement, as well as better production economics. TECO provided the engineering and project management. Dreicor, of Hendersonville, NC was the installation contractor and also provided the fabricated steel and the assembled combustion skids.

The new furnace construction consisted of an AZS/alpha-beta alumina crown. The breastwalls were AZS in the charging area and the remainder being magnesia alumina spinel. The glass contact refractory was AZS. The furnace was fired by eight Maxon Oxy-Therm LEFF staged-combustion burners.

The melter was also equipped with a camera/video system. The furnace 'peep hole' covers were the sealed type for preventing air infiltration, thus minimizing NOx. KTG Engineering, of the UK, manufactured the four sealed screw chargers which, charge the oxy-fuel furnace. KTG Engineering also manufactured the sealed peep hole covers.

The distributor and three forehearths were supplied by ZEDTEC, Ltd., of the UK. The forehearths were of the rapid cool type.

A control system was supplied for the furnace, distributor and forehearths, as well as, additional control loops assigned by the client. The batch plant was also upgraded and hardware and software modifications were provided that reduced the time cycle, while improving the quality of the mixed batch.

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