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Country: United States - Duration: 16 Months

The TECO Group completed a project for Cardinal FG (CFG) Mooresville, North Carolina facility. CFG asked us to begin by assisting them in selecting a site for their new factory. Several sites in multiple states were reviewed and assessed considering general elevation layout, soil borings, power availability, natural-gas line distances, interstate access, railroad access, etc. After the site was selected, we assisted the customer with necessary permits to begin work (air quality, buildings, etc.).

Schedule compression was of paramount importance; tight coordination between engineering and construction, in conjunction with CFG’s progressive thinking to award us a design-build contract, enabled the necessary schedule compression while decreasing project costs. Our engineering and construction responsibility was all encompassing, from clearing the site, to providing the silverware in the cafeteria.

During construction over 250,000 man-hours were worked with no lost time injuries. The attention to quality during engineering and construction allowed the customer to start packing glass on day 2 after ribbon pull, day 3 packed a 57.5% yield at 545 tons/day and has since consistently packed 90% or above. The factory was and still is a showcase facility as are all TECO facilities.

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