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Fiberglass Projects

Country: China - Duration: 2014 - 2016

An e-glass type fiberglass plant, shown here, was commissioned in China for the purpose of producing 7-10 micron fiberglass. The capacity of the furnace was 65 metric tons per day (72 U.S. tons per day).

TECO designed the batch plant, recuperative furnace, channel and forehearths. TECO also provided criteria engineering information for the plant design/construction and for building and process utilities.

The batch plant included pneumatic materials handling and mixing, and was designed for the same capacity as the furnace. However, materials handling and control system interfaces were provided to easily accomodate the addition of the second furnace at a later date.

The heat-up and commissioning of the project went smoothly and the fiberglass production started within three hours after pulling glass at the bushings.

increased output

output per day

production loss during modernization

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