Leadership Team

Douglas Burgoon

VP - Project Management - TECO

Mr. Douglas Burgoon has been employed by Toledo Engineering Co., Inc. since 1980. During this time he has served as a Project Engineer (1985-1994), Administrative Manager of Engineering (1995-1997), Director of Batch Plant Projects (1998-2002), Senior Director of Project Management (2003-2011), Senior Director of Construction & Estimating (2012-2015), and is currently serving as the Vice President of Project Management. Doug also holds the position of President of TECOGLAS, Inc.

In his role as Vice President of Project Management, Doug provides technical direction and coordination of all projects within the company. He also works with the engineering department on the design/development committee, which is responsible for developing new concepts and/or improvements for use in the glass industry.

As President of TECOGLAS, Inc., Doug oversees and manages construction activities and construction advisors.

Due to Doug’s long history associated with the batch plant department, he still maintains an active involvement in all batch and cullet handling projects.


Years with TECO


Douglas Burgoon