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Capability Summary

Since 1927, Toledo Engineering Co., Inc., has designed and constructed 16 glass manufacturing plants on a turnkey basis, 5 for container glass manufacturing and 11 for float glass manufacturing.

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Key Components

Glass Plant Design

TECO has in-depth knowledge of the entire glass manufacturing operation since it designs and builds all types of glass melting furnaces (recuperative, regenerative, oxy-fuel and electric melters) for all sectors of the glass manufacturing industry. Furthermore, TECO has experience in melting all glass types, including soda lime, borosilicate, alumina silicate, sodium silicate, etc. This experience gives TECO the ability to optimize both capital and operating costs for a given application.

Project Management

Sound project management is one of the primary values TECO offers to its clients and is based on:

  • Experience with large turnkey projects, down to smaller rebuilds, since 1927;
  • Automated purchasing and project cost monitoring systems;
  • Automated document control systems;
  • Project scheduling experience, including critical milestone definition;
  • Experienced on-site engineers able to deal with problems as they are discovered;
  • Dedicated project management teams whose goals are to deliver the highest-quality project, within the defined budget and within the schedule that best suits the client’s needs.

From concept to start-up, TECO’s management team coordinates with the client to carefully control costs, quality and scheduling.

Construction Management

TECO has successfully installed glass manufacturing processes and complete glass plants throughout the world. The TECO construction organization is staffed with highly-qualified and experienced personnel and provides the client with:

  • A quality project done within budget and on schedule;
  • Supervisors and journeymen experienced in glass plant construction;
  • Well coordinated projects, self-performed in all trades;
  • Superb safety program and record;
  • A quality assurance program;
  • On-site fabricating capability;
  • Experience in fast-track projects;
  • Engineering assistance readily accessible;
  • Effective coordination with clients.

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