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Oxy-fuel melting generally makes fuel-fired glass furnaces more efficient and more environmentally friendly than ordinary air-fuel furnaces by significantly reducing the nitrogen in the combustion process. They eliminate the need for regenerators or recuperators, which simplifies furnace operation and maintenance. Furnace campaign life is then determined by the melter alone, due to the elimination of regeneration equipment.

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TECO oxy-fuel furnaces are characterized by their low-fuel consumption and emissions, while producing high-quality glass and achieving a long campaign life. A correctly designed oxy-fuel furnace will result in improved glass quality and can increase glass melting capacity.

In some applications, bubbler systems are utilized to enhance convection flow patterns and to increase melter bottom temperature. Also, in some applications electric boost is installed to increase the production rate for a given melter size, reduce emissions or a combination of these needs. Electric boost is also used to enhance glass quality.

TECO has designed oxy-fuel furnaces for:

  • Container;
  • Tableware;
  • TV Panel & Funnel;
  • Alumina Silicate Glasses;
  • E-Glass;
  • Insulation Fiber.

Oxy-fuel type furnaces are used over the range of capacities encountered in glass industry applications.

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