Electric Melt Furnace

Capability Summary

The electric melt furnace is an emission-free method of melting glass, eliminating the capital and operating cost of an emission control system. Electric melt furnaces offer the highest-energy efficiency and lowest on-site CO2 emissions.

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TECO has designed and built over 150 electric-melt furnaces in the last 50 years. TECO, along with affiliates KTGSI and Tecoglas, specialize in the design, project management and installation of electric-melt furnaces for melting soda lime, sodium borate and lead glasses for the container, tableware, wool fiberglass insulation and crystal glass industries.

The electric-melt furnace is an emission free method of melting glass and eliminates the capital and operating cost of an emission control system.

The capacity range for electric-melters when melting soda lime and sodium borate glasses ranges from a few tons to 300 tons per day.

TECO provides cold-top and hot-top electric-melt furnaces to suit process needs. The electrodes are bottom, side or top entry or a combination depending on design requirements or customer preference. Special power system frequencies, 10 to 1,000 hertz, are utilized to enhance process performance. Additionally, resistivity testing and furnace modeling can be performed to verify every electric melting application.

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