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ZEDTEC provides conditioning systems that deliver glass to forming with precise homogeneity and temperature control. Each distributor and forehearth system is custom designed to meet your requirements.

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TECO provides ZEDTEC distributor and forehearth systems that deliver glass at the orifice with precise temperature, homogeneity and control. Each distributor and forehearth system is individually designed to meet the client’s glass requirements.

Benefits of ZEDTEC systems:

  • Roof mounted hot-spot burners designed for heating and cooling;
  • Forehearth rapid-cool-technology;
  • Air damper units for pressure control (no mechanical parts);
  • Low-forward velocity burners for conditioning sections;
  • Zed-Cel calculated energy loss substructure design;
  • Frame computer design to optimize performance.

These innovative developments give the client the following benefits:

  • The ability to raise glass temperature or cool the glass in the distributor, reducing the thermal requirement on the forehearth;
  • Flexibility of tonnage range;
  • Faster response at a job change;
  • Improved homogeneity;
  • Reduced maintenance.

TECO also provides electric forehearths through KTGSI where submerged/muffled technology is used when there is a need to eliminate surface losses.

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