Leadership Team

Kevin Fulkerson

VP of Technology - TECO

Mr. Kevin Fulkerson has been with Toledo Engineering Co., Inc. since 1978. He began his career in engineering as a refractory detailer, which led him to working on many types of glass furnace refractory and furnace design projects.

Through the 1980's, Kevin leveraged his knowledge of desktop computers and their application at TECO. He developed many of the software applications that have become the foundation for our CAD, Engineering, Estimating, Purchasing, and Sales departments. He was instrumental in establishing our computer systems policies and procedures. In 1988, he led our 2D CFD modeling implementation and worked on many glass furnace CFD projects. In 2008, Kevin led our 3D CFD modeling activities and through his efforts TECO has become one of the world leading glass furnace CFD modeling companies.

Kevin held the position of Manager of Computer Services from 1997 to 2017, he was responsible for directing the activities of the Computer Services department.

Kevin graduated from Heidelberg University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science, Information Systems.

In his current position, Kevin is Vice President of Technology and directs the activities of the Technical Team responsible for all of TECO’s furnace design, technical standards, CFD modeling and related activities.


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Heidelberg University

Years with TECO


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