Leadership Team

Geoff Turton

Chairman - KTGSI

Mr. Geoff Turton has over 52 years of experience in the glass industry. He has worked on all types of furnaces, including regenerative, recuperative and electric melt furnaces.

Geoff has been employed by KTG Systems, Inc. since 1994, serving as Vice President and General Manager. He is responsible for technical and engineering design, and specification for all furnaces, as well as development of new process concepts. He also is responsible for project management and contract management.

Geoff's previous work experience was with Rockware Glass (U. K.), as Furnace Design Manager, and KTG Glassworks Technology, Inc. (USA), as Technical Manager. He is also experienced in construction supervision, commissioning and troubleshooting.

Geoff has a degree in Chemistry from Leeds College of Science & Industry and a Masters Degree In Glass Technology from Sheffield University in the U. K.


Leeds College of Science & Industry, Sheffield University, U. K.

Years with KTGSI


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