Furnaces for Low Iron Solar Glass


Low iron glasses for solar PV (photovoltaic) applications are generally characterized by the following physical and chemical properties:

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Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 2

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In the last issue of Glass 5.0, “Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 1”, the merits of design-build versus design-bid-build project delivery methods were discussed; particularly as they pertain to large capital projects, typical in the glass industry, that involve budgets ...

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Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation 06

“Our plant will be the first to try a new process that reduces emissions, lowers operating costs, and extends furnace life without sacrificing glass quality!”

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Proper Cullet Handling

Proper Cullet Handling 06

The TECO Group continues to be a standard bearer in the development, construction, and implementation of highly sustainable glass plants and glass manufacturing processes.

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Introduction to Glass 5.0

E Mag Glass 5 0

Cost. Many times, cost is the driving variable in how we in the glass industry approach projects and initiatives.

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Cullet – Another Step Towards Glass Sustainability

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There has been much written and said about glass being infinitely recyclable and yet, in the USA, the national container-recycling rate is less than 40%.

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Design-Build, A Better Way – Part 1

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This is the moment you have been dreading for months. The owner has summoned you to his office for an update on the company’s biggest project.

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